All the latest from the Betfair markets on Day 2

Ed Hawkins has all the market moves, best bets, trends and analysis ball-by-ball in our in-play blog on day two in the fourth Test from Ahmedabad

04.19 Ind 27-1
We can feel warm and cosy and very pleased with ourselves that we have spotted England’s plan of attack. But not much point if the analysis below shows it’s unlikely to work. That’s why we’re not rushing to take that England price. Our nagging doubt about that wager is caused by more than the stat below. We’re not sure this wicket, in about 40 minutes or so, is going to get much easier. So if Rohit and Pujara can hang on in there, this could finally be the innings when India make a sizeable score in this series. We’re not fussed about a wait for, say, an innings runs bet either. We will have to take a higher price but not by much.

04.16 Ind 27-1
This. This is what you’re betting on…

04.07 Ind 26-1
James Anderson straight into his work. And so are we. The market moves will come from the England or draw price, naturally, today. England need wickets. A similar effort in India’s first-innings from game three will do nicely. Anderson needs new-ball action, though. He is getting it to dart back into the pads. Three clicks could come off the away price sharply of he can grab a couple straight up. Rohit looks a little flat footed. And we note the next wicket dismissal of lbw at 11/4 with that movement back in. India runs are quoted at over/under 330 at 10/11. Were they to be on course for that we would see the draw fall from 40.039/1. That could well be the trade of the day, taking a large margin on a back-to-lay.

04.00 Ind 24-1
Welcome back to the blog from my spare bedroom. Snuggle in next to me. Are India in for a cosy day against a dozy England attack? IOs this wicket a featherbed? Or will it give the home batsmen nightmares? Does Dom Bess stalk all of our darkest moments? Has he been up all night worrying if he can six out of six of his stock ball? Nah. He knows he can’t do that. Anyway, plenty of action and potential wagers today. First we’d like a Pujara century. Here are the odds: 1.222/9 India, 6.05/1 England, 40.039/1 the draw.