Atlantic City’s Borgata Casino Announces July 6 Reopening Date

Atlantic City’s highest grossing casino, Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, will not open its doors to the general public on July 2, the date most of the seaside resort’s gambling venues are set to resume operations.

Property officials said Tuesday that the Borgata will host an invitation-only trial period starting July 2. The general public will not be able to gamble at the casino until 10 am on July 6.

The Borgata will thus be taking advantage of a “friends and family” period that New Jersey lawmakers have authorized and Gov. Phil Murphy announced this past Monday. The state’s top official also announced that Atlantic City’s nine casinos can all resume operations starting July 2 after staying closed for more than three months to help curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Gov. Murphy said Monday that the nine casinos can reopen July 2, but can also hold a soft opening by having several invitation-only days, during which the gambling venues can assess their new health and safety procedures and how they are functioning in the new environment.

Most of Atlantic City’s casinos have already presented the state with their reopening plans. And they have assured local leaders that the ten days they have been given to prepare for reopening would be enough to train staff on the new policies that should be followed to prevent both casino workers and patrons from being exposed to the coronavirus.

Unwavering Commitment to Patrons’ Health

Gov. Murphy is set to released detailed health and safety requirements and rules that all casinos will have to follow in the next few days. The top legislator noted that everyone who enters any of Atlantic City’s casinos – both guests and employees – will be required to wear face masks.

The gambling venues will also be required to utilize temperature checks, yet again for visitors and staff members.

Gov. Murphy said Monday:

“If any visitor refuses to comply with these simple safeguards, you will be escorted out of the casino. We are not going to tolerate any knuckleheads trying to ruin it for those who want to enjoy themselves responsibly and those who need to go back to work, especially if those knuckleheads could be spreading Covid.”

The Borgata said that it would not reopen all its amenities right away. The property has instead opted for phased relaunch of its facilities over the coming weeks as the level of demand becomes more evident and customer compliance with health and safety requirements unfolds.

Melonie Johnson, the Borgata’s new President, said Tuesday that when they reopen their doors, they would do that “with excitement to welcome back our employees and guests, and with an unwavering commitment to their health and safety.

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