energy casino, 150 percent welcome bonus…help!!? : gambling


Can anyone explain to me this 150 percent back ‘welcome bonus’ from Energy casino??

Casino Welcome Bonus 2021 – Check Top Promotions at EnergyCasino

Its a welcome bonus, it sounded pretty good.

I wanted to start gambling on a new site. And this one looked good as far as having a mobile app.

I read through the terms and conditions very carefully. I figured, I’d deposit $100.00 dollars right? That would give me $100.00 dollars of my own money, plus $150.00 dollars of bonus credits.

Then, I end up with $250.00 dollars, which seemed like a great promotion!!

But…after I deposited the $100.00 dollars. There were all these restrictions I didn’t understand.

First of all…you can only play slots (I don’t really understand why). But anyways, so I just played slots. Slots are horrible, I would never normally play them. But I burned through $150.00 dollars. Now I got $100.00 dollars left.

This is the thing, the casino won’t let me withdraw my original deposit. It doesn’t sound like a promotion, just sounds like a huge rip off.

Apparently…the only way I can hope to get my money back, is if I bet 30X250 = $7500 in wagers. Thats ridiculous. I don’t gamble that much. I just bet one or two dollars on sports games for fun. I just don’t understand how this is a promotion. There is no way I could ever gamble wager $7500 dollars, and end up not hitting zero. The odds are astronomically against it.

Can anyone explain this to me? Does the casino honestly expect me to sink $7500 into slot machines + the $100.00 dollars I originally deposited?

So now I have $100.00 dollars left (lost $150.00). But I can’t withdraw it. And theres no way I’m going to sink $7500.00 dollars into slot games. So would anybody have advice of what I can do?