Gambling problem ? : gambling

In the last 1 month i’ve used more than $1,000 on casino slot machine gambling. After multiple visits to the casino,, i’ve revised it to <$100 and <2 hours per visit (if i’m disciplined) . But even last night after i finished my JOB , even with that plan in mind ,, i went past my $100 and 2 hour limit (maybe since it’s my day off today impacted my action in that i can afford losing sleep). My thought process was that I was already there, might as well just keep going (felt not optimal self after 2 hours).

On machine, i just wanted to see how many RNG event activators were needed to get the Event. at how big the fire is

..i did the same on different machine (at lowest bet) at how big the bag of money is

Part of it was me wanting to the Event/Free Spins Event ,, but it mostly was me wanting to write down how many end result win 0,10, Event activator etc … until the Event happens.

When i go to the casino ,, i find it “fun” meditating in between spins, walk around the casino and draw a map of the place to where the slot machines are, learning the walkways, memorizing the roads i need to drive to get to the casino , revising what day to go to casino , what time , how long to stay, what to eat or not, , which machine to go to or not, looking up internet info/entertainment on slot machines, youtube videos. I have no “want” of actually getting the $100,000 grand prize for money reasons, but i do find it entertaining the idea of getting rng luck “Grand Prize”.

I honestly think i don’t have a gambling problem and instead I have a do something new -> create a problem -> improve on that problem -> feel good about trying to solve that problem …. (addiction) .

But does it matter what the reason is if the end result is still just excessively mashing 1 button on a slot machine and losing lots of money in the process ?