Gamzix Games now on Exinitio Platform

Established at the back end of 2019, Gamzix are a new progressive casino software studio who have announced this morning a contract with the casino aggregation platform Exinitio.

With 7 high-quality, innovative games released, the company is not going to be satisfied with what has already been achieved, focusing all its efforts on expanding the number of partnerships.


Alexander Kosogov, Chief Executive Officer of Gamzix speaking of the deal with Exinitio, said: Our team is very proud to have partnership with the casino platform Exinitio.”

β€œThis integration will provide tremendous opportunities for increasing the recognition of our company. We are confident that our colourful games will provide the market with new choices and will be in demand on the platform of our partners Exinitio. We are committed to a long-term and fruitful cooperation.”

A spokesperson commenting on behalf of Exinitio added: β€œWe are delighted to have new high quality games from Gamzix in our game library. This young company has good potential to enter the international market. We believe in their future and are glad to our cooperation.”