Hit 25k on a carnival game, let it ride! : gambling

I will say I didn’t hit it right away, kept getting pairs and two pairs. Got 2 deuces and of course, I just pass the first round, then hit trips and figured it was a start, and then got quads.

My degenerate self made around $7k on live blackjack and then lost most of it, won it back on the online slots, lost most of it, then decided to play anything with progressives thinking I might hit big. That’s when I went to let it ride.

I was betting $250/hand on let it ride, progressive was $500. The payout was 50:1 on my bets so the total was $25.5k. I gave back another $1k thinking I might be hot.

The only thing that sucks is that this casino only lets you withdraw a max of $4k/week. I guess we will see how much of it I will give back before I can withdraw most of it.

Side note: Although I am up at this online casino, I am still down overall. Don’t let the inner degenerate in you start chasing.

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