How can YOU be Furious when LOSING all your MONEY with Wall Streets Bets Group? : gambling

After they became known for manipulating the market and several investment funds. More specifically with the Game Stop Stock.

This group seems to only be concerned with making profits at any cost.

You will end up being a victim in their hands. How they take advantage of the fact that people want quick money.

More specifically, in the last pump they promised results between 500% to 1000% of profit. ( You can see in their Discord channel and Telegram). After that they put a picture saying that they had done 261.89%.

It’s bizarre, because none of the people managed to take advantage of that profit. Only themselves, through market manipulation, as you can see in the images.

Allied to the fact that they are linked to exchanges. Where the sole objective is to withdraw money from people for their own purpose. Not forgetting also that they promised the Biggest Pump ever. They then change the data to their own advantage, causing millions in losses for the Normal Investors.

The Pair Coin it was PIVX/BTC The pump it was at 5 PM GMT. You will see in the images below.

When occurred the Pump it was at 5 PM GMT, however the coin it was raising 32% before the “Pump”. And the Price goes from 0.00004027 to 0.00008036 in ONE Minute. Almost the double in one Minute.

It is a lot of Money in One Minute. However they want more. So what they do?

They made a sell position in 0.0008036 to 0.00005953. Another dumb, More % in their hands and pockets.

But They want more and more, they are greed, they donΒ΄t want to help to make money. They want all the money for themselves. So they make another sell order. From 0.00005953 to 0.00003964.

Another Dump, Another huge profit to them. In total they reach their target 500% for themselves. Not for all the people.

They said that will be the Biggest Pump in the History. And it will be the biggest Dumb!! They are playing with the money of others.

In the next days you can read an extensive article about them. This is just the beginning. DonΒ΄t be fool. So now in the nexts pumps they will give you money. Just to CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS. In general you will lose a lot of money with them.

Also the pump it ended at 18.37 pm gmt. When they sent the image in telegram channel an Image. With +261.89% of Profit. And you can see in the graphic that the price decrease more than 200% of its value. And at 18.37 The Wall Street Bets Group have sent an image with more than 261.89% of Profit. Where, Where they see that profit? ( Here you can see the image that have sent you at 6.27 pm GMT)

One minute later, one of our Members have sent us, this image.

Where, you can see the PIVX/BTC profit at 6.27 pm gmt. The same time that they have sent you the post in telegram channel.

The print of PIVX/BTC with more 261.89% of profit it was made at 6.01 pm gmt. But no one were able to get, because of their greed and because they are playing with YOUR MIND. They made Profit in one minute from 17.00 to 17.01 only for themselves.

So they Know very well the market conditions, and they made millions of Dollars, playing with the money of other people.

We will not do deep in the moment. Although there are a lot of things that they try to Manipulate YOU.

Another thing is on reddit, with their rules. They try to manipulated you trough images, with Gifs. Plenty of things that they try to make you. However we will go step by step.

You will know the true. As you can see on Tgstat after the Pump (In this case the Pump and Dump to their Pockets). You can see there are a lot of members that have left of their channel. Members that have lose all their money. Because they have said that will be the best pump ever.

And this is not all the members that have lose the money. This is only the members that have awareness. And now that this guys can be scam, can be thieves.

More than 1570 members that have left the channel in just two hours. If they are good, this is not happen. Is simple. They donΒ΄t want to help you . They have more connections with exchanges and another companies and important persons. However we will go step by step in this Revolution!!

Another thing that they do. They incentivate to do trading against the laws. As you can see here.

Using Vpn in countries that the exchanges are not allowed, is forbidden. Another more things.

Open your eyes the truth will come. And in the End, together we will do the REVOLUTION.

Is important to share our Sub Reddit or our Telegram channel.

Share the message, they will not steal anymore YOUR MONEY. #STOPWALLSTREETBETS