India v England Live Blog: all the latest moves from the Betfair markets on day 5

Welcome to Betting.Betfair’s live blog with Ed Hawkins for all the tips, trends and stats for day five in the First Test in Chennai. Have negative England blown it? Can India hold on? Or could they blast their way to an unlikely win? All three results are live…

WICKET India 92-4strong> Tell you what, it’ll be back to bed at this rate. The reverse does for Rahane. England into 1.374/11. Opportunity for England. Opportunity for punters. It won’t reverse all day. ANderson won’t bowl all day. So we will look for a partnership soon. Not now because Anderson is into his work and he could rattle another out. Watching brief.

WICKET India 92-3 strong> Anderson strikes immediately. England into 1.865/6. The ball is reversing. So England have a double threat now at play alongside Leach. Reminiscent of that opening day when Ishant and Ahswin combined. It won’t reverse forever as we have seen so England need to keep chipping away now, build pressure.

India 83-2 strong> We were talking about predicting a wicket or partnership. There’sa problem. ANd it’s Dom Bess. Shubman Gill is treating him with disdain. Fours in the previous over. A six in this. It’s going to be tough to trade this if Bess can’t keep the runs down from one end. And gives an almight problem to Root. But it does make us ponder that India price at 17.50. We don’t think they can win. They don’t need to. We just need it to look like they might for a tiny spell. You might be able to steal points on their price of this assault continues. Could it come down to something like 10.09/1? If you had a nibble for, say, Β£10, you could lay back for Β£15 and make a tidy little profit on the price.

WICKET India 58-2strong> Pujara gone. England in to 2.305/4 from 3.1085/40. The draw now at 1.9010/11. Very good signs for England. Leach is landing his stock ball, he has great rhythm and turn. Really bowling well, Keep an eye on him. If he continues to be this consistent, England are good for the win.

India 48-1/strong> …oh right, so you want a bit more in that? Fine. The unvarnished truth is that it is darn tricky. We need a crystal ball, being able to predict when a wicket is going to fall or when a partnership is being built. In an ideal trading world we will see consistent flips between England and the draw as favourite. This provides us with the opportunity to have profitable outcomes on both, if we adopt the strategy of backing the biggest price and then laying it when it goes skinniest.

India 48-1/strong> How do you bet on a final day when all three results are still possible? What a great question. The answer is with great skill and knowledge.

India 48-1/strong> Plenty of sub-plots at play here. One is the longevity of Jack Leach’s career. He is yet to establish himself at this level. And nothing ends a spinner’s career faster than a tour of India. If Leach fails to rise to the challenge of bowling out a team in fourth innings – this is the point of your existence – then it could be Goodnight Vienna. Moeen ALi is waiting, ominously, in the wings.

India 39-1/strong> England and Joe Root are either geniuses who in a few hours are going to be able to say ‘told you’ or they’re going to have so much egg on their face they’d only be welcome at a buffet for people who really, er, like eggs. The key is the pitch. England need deterioration if they are going to take the final nine India wickets. Their skill won’t get the job done on its own. We’re expecting drama. Welcome. Price check: 1.784/5 draw, 2.568/5 England, 17.50 India.