Live Odds to Win Swing States in Presidential Election

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See the live odds to win key swing states. Photo from @DailyMirror (Twitter)

  • Several swing states are called just that because they hold the potential to swing the US Presidential election
  • Republican Donald Trump is favored to win Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Ohio
  • See the live odds below

Call them swing states or battleground states, when the outcome in each of these key fights is confirmed, it figures to swing the US Presidential election to either Joe Biden or Donald Trump.

Odds To Win Key Swing States in 2020 US Presidential Election

State Biden Odds Trump Odds
Arizona -110 -110
Florida +162 -200
Georgia +185 -230
Michigan -340 +265
North Carolina +115 -140
Ohio +285 -365
Pennsylvania -202 +165
Wisconsin -365 +290

Odds as of Nov. 3rd.

Since a US President is elected via Electoral College votes and not the popular vote, winning as many states as possible is the key to a seat in the Oval Office of the White House.

Arizona Up For Grabs

Arizona hasn’t gone Democrat in 24 years, since Bill Clinton won the state. That’s the only time it’s gone blue since 1952.

However, there seems to be a sense that this could be their election. A CBS News poll showed Biden ahead of Trump 51-46. Trump carried the state by almost 3.5 points in 2016.

Florida Swinging To Trump?

In the polls, Biden is shown with a 51-48 edge on Trump. The Sunshine State could light a path to the White House for whichever candidate captures Florida’s 29 Electoral College votes.

Trump carried Florida by just 113,000 votes four years ago.

Georgia On Their Minds

Trump won the Peach State by five points in 2016. This time out, the polls show him trailing Biden 50-47.

Georgia voters set records for early turnout, casting more than 2 million ballots.

Michigan Expected To Flip

Trump narrowly captured Michigan from Democrat Hillary Clinton by just 10,074 votes in 2016.

This year, Biden shows a six-point lead over Trump in the polls. Trump’s ongoing battles with Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer haven’t played well with Michiganders.

North Carolina

Trump toppled Clinton by four points in the Tar Heel State four years ago. Currently, he’s trailing Biden 50-48 in the polls.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds Tracker

State Republicans and the Trump campaign were dealt a blow when a US Court of Appeals ruled that mail-in ballots postmarked by 5 p.m. on Election Day should be accepted until November 12. Republicans sought to have voting halted at midnight Nov. 3.

Ohio Too Close To Call

Biden and Trump are in a virtual dead heat in the Buckeye State. Ohio Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown is boldly predicting Biden to win the state.

The candidate who takes Ohio has also captured the last 14 US Presidential elections.

Will Pennsylvania Polka Back To Dems?

Biden was born in Scranton, home to Dunder Mifflin, and his Pennsylvania roots appear to be paying off.

He’s holding on to a seven-point lead in the polls (53-46).

Wisconsin Sour On Trump?

Polling shows Biden with a five-point advantage in America’s Dairyland. Digging deeper into the data, it shows him with such demographics as men, White non-college voters and seniors.

All of those groups went solidly for Trump in 2016 as he carried the state.

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