Never won more than $200 on an online slot. Pretty pumped right now! : gambling

Two things, one– congratulations on the win!! This game and also the nucleus gaming clone of this one with the diamonds are a couple of my favorites.. I have gotten the top symbol into wild symbols multiple times, each time the multiplier has went up to around 8 x in the win is usually $660 or around there because I play on $1 steak usually. What was the multiplier for the three wild??? I’m really pumped to see someone finally got this and posted a picture on here!

Number 2 – betsoft is not sketchy as others have said. I play on stake and also betsoft and i usually split my deposit up between the two providers because I like them both equally. I have cashed out probably two dozen times on betsoft and actually win more often on betsoft then I do on stake. People are always going to tell you that certain casinos are sketchy but 99% of the time that’s because they have never won and have had bad luck.

Make sure you cash out about $2,000 of that!