Odds on Team Most Likely to Acquire Victor Oladipo Favor Dallas Mavericks

Victor Oladipo holding onto basketball with two hands

Pacers guard Victor Oladipo has reportedly asked for a trade out of Indiana. Photo from @BleacherReport (Twitter).

  • Pacers guard Victor Oladipo has reportedly requested a trade
  • The Dallas Mavericks lead a host of teams interested in landing the 2018 Most Improved Player
  • Read below to see where we think the talented guard will end up next season

It appears there’s a full-on breakup going on in Indy. Complete with drama.

We’ll get to that in a second, but Victor Oladipo’s saga sets up another talented star player potentially moving in the offseason, joining some other reported stars uncertain in their current situation.

Suddenly, as is the norm now in today’s NBA, there’s bound to be some action and arms racing as teams jockey in the 2021 NBA Championship odds.

Bookmakers have the Dallas Mavericks first in line to scoop ‘Dipo up.

Victor Oladipo Trade Destination Odds

Team 2019-20 Record Odds
Dallas Mavericks 43-32 +300
New York Knicks 21-45 +425
Brooklyn Nets 35-37 +450
Chicago Bulls 22-43 +475
Miami Heat 44-29 +475
Philadelphia 76ers 43-30 +500
Toronto Raptors 53-19 +500

Odds from November 13

Just three short seasons ago, Oladipo was on the podium after Indiana’s Game 7 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers that eliminated them in the first round of the playoffs. He gave an epic and respect-earning session as the new and exciting face of the Pacers franchise.

If he’s motivated and fully recovered from injury, let’s guess his next destination.


Star – Sidelined – Salty

After his breakout year in 2018, where he averaged a career-best 23.1 points, 5.2 rebounds, 4.2 assists and league-leading 2.4 steals a game, Oladipo suffered a serious quad injury before the all-star break.

That injury sidelined him through that season and into the current year, where he played just 19 games, and was largely ineffective as the team slowly tried to work him back into the form that earned him NBA Most Improved Player in 2018.

The team also shifted priorities, building their offense around newly acquired Malcolm Brogdon.

He averaged a career-low 27.1 minutes a game and provided minimal impact as the Heat swept them in the first round of the playoffs. Oladipo averaged 17.8 points on 39.3% shooting from the field.

He recently asked for a trade, and soon a story came out alleging Oladipo was actively pursuing opportunities with other teams – in front of teammates. The teams listed were the Heat, Raptors and, get this: the New York Knicks.

Extra drama soon followed, with VO’s sister going onto Twitter alleging that teammates were spouting false stories to the media. When a reply suggested it was teammate Myles Turner, she didn’t hold back. Turner wasn’t impressed.

Now? Apparently Oladipo’s back on board the Pacers’ train.

Who Values Victor?

I know it’s getting repetitive, but when a talented player sulks his way out of town, we automatically think that that person cares so much about winning that they’re built for the Miami Heat culture. Oladipo could very well end up there, as the Heat could lose veteran Goran Dragic.

Pairing up another offensive player with Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo, with a plethora of vets and young shooters dotting the roster is scary intriguing. But that might cost them Tyler Herro, and I think he’s only going for a big fish (think Giannis).

There’s a reason Dallas is the betting favorite. Besides LeBron James and perhaps the Golden State Warriors, there’s probably no other star you’d want to latch onto than Luka Doncic.

He’s coming off an all-NBA second season, and giving Luka an elite offensive option could unlock an already frisky Mavericks roster into a juggernaut.

At the bottom of that board are intriguing choices. Toronto is another one of the teams Oladipo apparently talked to, and their roster is ready-built for a star to step in and be their go-to player. A three-headed guard unit of Lowry, VanVleet and Oladipo would be hard to contain in crunch time. And Daryl Morey is sure to want his stamp on the 76ers roster.

For Oladipo’s sake, let’s hope the Knicks don’t come calling.

Best Bet?

There might not be a better candidate to target and upgrade your roster talent than Oladipo, because he checks so many boxes. He’s in the final year of his deal at an all-star potential friendly figure of $21 million. That’s more than enough to take a flyer on the two-time all-star.

At 28, a great season can prop him up for a mega deal, and re-establish him as one of the top guards in the game. In the drive-and-kick style that is the NBA, a dude with the combo guard skills and the ability to handle, initiate offense and also play off-the-ball is a valuable commodity.

This is a toss-up, but the Mavericks should be able to find a way to bring Oladipo to Big D. If you have a little scratch left over, check the 76ers of Heat.

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