Odds to Win Georgia Senate Runoffs Favor Warnock Over Loeffler, Perdue Over Ossoff

Kelly Loeffler with Donald Trump

Georgia Republican Kelly Loeffler, seen here with US President Donald Trump, is the +100 underdog to maintain her Senate seat in a Jan. 5 runoff election against Democrat Raphael Warnock. Photo by: The United States Senate – Office of Senator Kelly Loeffler (Wikimedia).

  • Runoff elections for Georgia’s two seats will determine which party holds the majority in the US Senate
  • Democrat Raphael Warnock is the -140 favorite over Republican Kelly Loeffler
  • David Perdue, the Republican incumbent, is the -300 betting choice against Democrat Jon Ossoff

Eventually, they will finally finish counting the ballots and determine a winner in the US Presidential election.

Once that’s done, the country’s entire political machine will then have Georgia on their minds.

A determination of the balance of power in the US Senate figures to be settled by outcome of the Peach State’s two Senate races.

In Georgia, there’s no limit on the number of candidates from the two major parties who can run in Senate elections. As well, Georgia state law requires that, if no candidate earns 50% of the vote in the November election, the top two vote-getters advance to a runoff.

Oddsmakers are favoring the two Senate seats to be split between the Democratic and Republican parties.

Democrat Raphael Warnock is the -140 favorite to unseat Republican Kelly Loeffler. In the other race, Republican incumbent David Perdue is the -300 betting choice to hold off Democrat Jon Ossoff.

Odds To Win Georgia Senate Runoff Elections

Democrat Odds Republican Odds
Raphael Warnock -140 Kelly Loeffler +100
Jon Ossoff +200 David Perdue -300

Odds taken Nov. 5th

The two separate runoff elections will take place Jan. 7, 2021.

Battle For The Senate

The Democratic Party retained its hold on the US House of Representatives. Democrat Joe Biden is the -1340 favorite to win the Presidency.

Control of the Senate remains up for grabs. Currently, Republicans hold 48 of the 100 seats. There are 46 Democrats. As well, two Independents sit in the Senate. They generally vote in tandem with the Democrats.

That’s created a virtual tie. Along with the two Georgia Senate spots, two other races have yet to be called.

In North Carolina, Republican Thom Tillis leads Democrat Cal Cunningham 48.7-46.9. They’ve counted 93% of votes. Republican Dan Sullivan holds a massive 62.3-31.2 advantage over Democrat Al Gross in Alaska. However, since only 50% of votes have been counted, this almost certain Republican win can’t be given a declaration.

If Biden wins the White House, Democrats would need only 50 Senate seats to hold the majority. In the event of ties in voting, the Vice-President casts the tie-breaking vote.

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Loeffler’s Appointment With Disaster

Now that Republican Martha McSally lost her Arizona Senate seat to Democrat Mark Kelly, Loeffler is the lone current sitting US Senator who’s never won an election. If she keeps that streak going, she won’t be in the Senate much longer.

Warnock finished first in their vote with 32.8% (1,598,709 votes). Loeffler’s second-place showing garnered her 26.2% (1,266,211 votes).

In late 2019, Loeffler was appointed to the Senate after Senator Johnny Isakson resigned for health reasons. She fought a stiff and frequently vicious battle with fellow Republican Doug Collins in the election. Whether Collins supporters are willing to gravitate to Loeffler could determine the outcome of this runoff.

Pick: Raphael Warnock (-140)

Perdue Stumbling To Finish Line

It appeared early in the other race that Perdue would maintain his spot in the Senate without the ordeal of a runoff. However, as the tabulation of mail-in ballots was continuing, Ossoff was steadily chipping away at the Republican’s advantage.

Perdue is at 49.9% (2,447,921 votes). Ossoff sits with 47.8% (2,345,206). There are still 2% of ballots to be counted. Most are coming in from traditional Democratic-leaning areas.

Libertarian Shane Hazel pulled in 2.3% (113,540 votes). The direction of those voters figures to determine this result.

However, Ossoff could generate invigoration from a Biden win. The chance to control the Senate could create a further spike in turnout among Democratic supporters.

Pick: Jon Ossoff (+200)

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