Odds to Win Halloween Candy Steeplechase Event

Joey Chestnut posing with titlle belt.

Competitive eater Joey Chestnut is the +100 favorite to win the Halloween Candy Steeplechase. Photo by Michael (flickr)

  • The Halloween Candy Steeplechase will demand competitive eaters to devour a series of sweet treats
  • Competitive eating legend Joey Chestnut is the +100 favorite to win the event
  • The competition is Saturday, 7:30 PM EST in Las Vegas in front of the Bellagio fountains

There’s no questioning that Joey Chestnut is the undisputed champion when it comes to gobbling down wieners. But does Joey have a sweet tooth?

Thanks to the Halloween Candy Steeplechase, the world is about to find out.

The first-ever Halloween Candy Steeplechase will require the world’s top competitive eaters to devour six pounds of sweet treats.

Chestnut, who dominates the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in a similar manner to the way in which Wayne Gretzky owned the NHL scoring race during the 1980s, is the +100 favorite to show that he thinks candy is dandy.

Halloween Candy Steeplechase Odds

Eater Odds
Joey Chestnut +100
Geoffrey Esper +250
Matt Stonie +400
Darron Breeden +800
Miki Sudo +900
Nick Wehry +900

Odds taken Oct. 30

The Halloween Candy Steeplechase is slated for Saturday, 7:30 PM EST in Las Vegas in front of the famous Bellagio fountains. The event is being broadcast live on DraftKings’ YouTube and Twitch pages.

Halloween Candy Steeplechase Rules

The world’s top six competitive eaters are participating in the event. They’ll be required to swallow six pounds of candy in six minutes. The tasty treats to be eaten feature a pound of each of these delights – candy corn, Kit-Kats, M&Ms, Milky Ways, Snickers, and Mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Competitors can’t move on to the next bowl of candy until finishing the previous bowl. The winner of the event will be the first to eat all their candy or whoever among this sextet of sensational swallowers consumes the most of their candy.

Odds Joey Chestnut Will Finish All of His Candy

Yes Odds No Odds
-175 +135

The resume of Chestnut, 36, shows that the 230-pound San Jose resident has displayed a past knack for putting away sweet stuff. Among his achievements, he holds world records for eating glazed donuts (55), funnel cakes (5.9 pounds), Twinkies (121), boysenberry pie (14.5 pounds), apple pie (4.375 three-pound pies), Eggo waffles (81), and Hostess Donettes (257).

As an interesting comparable to this event, he consumed 121 ice-cream sandwiches in a six-minute span. That’s also the world standard.

Are you going to bet against him? It’s Joey. He’ll eat anything.

Pick: Yes (-175)

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Who’s Hungrier Among The Hungry Couple?

Competitive eaters Miki Sudo and Nick Wehry are also dating. They’ve been an item for quite some time and within the industry are known as The Hungry Couple. They even have their own website.

They’ll also be going head-to-head in a prop wager during this competitive eating event. Bettors will get the same odds of -120 whether they back Sudo or Wehry.

Sudo vs Wehry Head-to-Head Odds

Sudo Odds Wehry Odds
-120 -120

She’s consumed a world-record 16.5 pints of ice cream in a six-minute span. Sudo also holds the world mark of downing 14 pounds ice cream sandwiches in eight minutes.

Wehry’s world records include 46 moon pies and 11 pounds of shortcake, both consumed in eight minutes. He put away 11 packs of paczkis in just five minutes.

When it comes to comparables, there’s the 2020 Nathan’s competition. Sudo ate 48.5 hotdogs. Wehry stopped at 39.5 wieners.

Pal Joey Pays

Should you look for value or play the favorite? Here’s a better question to ask – why look for value if you’re getting it on the favorite?

Chestnut is the best there ever is, was, and will be when it comes to competitive eating.

And he’s at +100 to win the Halloween Candy Challenge.

That’s like getting positive odds on Lewis Hamilton to win an F1 race.

Pick: Joey Chestnut (+100)

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