Reading policies can save you a headache : gambling

[Long story short] won 1150$, funds got confiscated and account suspended since my brother made the deposit from his credit card and not mine.

A few days ago me and my brother felt like playing some blackjack, so we headed to jackpocitycasino (online casino) since I had already used that website in the past and had verified my identification and everything.

Since my brother was putting in the money to play we added a new paiement method with his credit card. (Here’s were we messed up).

Paiment got accepted (obviously), fast foward a few hours we turned 150$ into 1300$. We stop knowing we got really lucky and cashed out.

24h later the paiement processing was still on hold so I log in to check whats going on. My balance is now a 0 and no withdrawl are made.

I get in contact with live chat, I get told about this rule (1.1.17)

Basically telling me since the deposite card was made under his name and not mine (account holder). They confiscated the winnings and refunded the deposit.

They also said nothing can be done, I obviouly tried to get in contact with support or anything if they were willing to help us and they suspended my account instead.

Moral of the story, be carefull if you’re going to gamble with friends or family members, make sure the account owner is the one making the deposit.

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r/gambling - Reading policies can save you a headache
r/gambling - Reading policies can save you a headache