The Weirdest 2020 NBA Draft Props You Can Bet

LaVar Ball

LaVar Ball is heavily favored to appear all over NBA Draft coverage on Wednesday night. Photo from Wiki Commons.

  • A litany of off-the-wall weird NBA Draft props are available for wagering
  • Will the first overall pick shed tears as he hears his name called? How many dogs or cats will be seen on screen? 
  • See all of the unique and fun props available to bet for this Wednesday’s draft below

Will the first pick of the 2020 NBA Draft shed tears of joy? Might his cat or dog join in the celebration? And most importantly, is there going to be pizza?

These are among the oddball calls on a list of the weirdest NBA Draft props.

With the COVID-19 pandemic has forcing the NBA to go virtual with their draft, the reality is that life sometimes is interspersed with the selection process. This isn’t the silky-smooth, made-for-TV glitz and glamor show that fans have come to expect on draft day.

Sadly, the Zoom meeting format for the draft is depriving bettors of their favorite weird NBA Draft prop. Will New York Knicks fans boo the team’s first pick?

2020 NBA Draft Props

Props Odds Odds
Total cats shown during the first round Over 1.5 (-120) Under 1.5 (-120)
Total dogs shown during the first round Over 3.5 (-140) Under 3.5 (+100)
Will any first round draftee put on wrong hat? No (-3000) Yes (+900)
Will LaVar Ball be shown during draft? Yes (-1500) No (+600)
Will Lonzo Ball be shown during draft? Yes (-500) No (+300)
Will pizza be seen in any draftee’s home? No (-400) Yes (+250)
Will the No. 1 overall pick cry? No (-400) Yes (+250)

All odds taken Nov. 17th. 

The NBA Draft gets underway at 7pm EST on Wednesday.

Paw Patrol on Duty

Several NBA stars are also dog lovers. Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal, for instance, has five dogs, enough to put his own four-legged starting lineup on the floor.

Expect to see a lot of dogs in the spotlight on draft night.  Cats, on the other hand, well that’s a different story.

If their famly has a pet cat, draftees will do their utmost to keep their felines from coming into view. Maybe it’s a macho thing but there’s just something about owning a cat that athletes would rather not admit.

Cats are stealthy sneaks, though. If you’ve watched any Zoom videos, or been involved in Zoom meetings, you know that the cat finds a way to magically appear.

Picks: Over 3.5 dogs (-140); over 1.5 cats (-120).

Ordering Out

Yes, the young men who will appear during the NBA Draft as their name is called will be living the dream, about to embark along a path toward untold riches. Let’s also be frank. Most of them are also college students.

Ever known a college kid who didn’t consider pizza to be one of the four food groups? Who’s gone into a college dorm room and not seen an empty pizza box?

Any way you slice it, someone’s going to have some pizza at their draft party.

Pick: Yes, pizza will be seen (+250).

Mad Hatters

The NBA is sending each of its top draft prospects a gift package prior to the draft. Among the freebies the box contains are all 30 NBA team hats. 

The player is to put the hat of the team that selected him on after his name is called. On the surface, there seems to be potential for disaster afoot. What if in his moment of excitement, the kid grabs the wrong hat?

Sorry. Not gonna happen. The player will be surrounded by his family and closest advisors. They’ll make sure he doesn’t embarrass himself on national TV.

Oh, and the bonus here is that after his name is called, each of that player’s closest friends are going to have their pick of the other 29 hats.

Pick: No player will wear the wrong hat (-3000).

Follow the Bouncing Balls

LaVar Ball was a lightning rod for criticism as he ruled over the development process of his sons Lonzo and LaMelo. He was a helicopter parent and was ruining the NBA chances of his kids, the narrative went.

Instead, Lonzo is in the NBA with the New Orleans Pelicans. Oddsmakers are favoring LaMelo to be the first overall pick in this year’s draft.

Does anyone doubt for a moment that father and brother won’t be front and center, sharing in LaMelo’s moment of glory?

Pick: LaVar Ball to be shown during draft (-1500); LaMelo Ball to be shown during draft (-500).

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