Took my friend out for his 21st birthday. He ended up flopping a straight flush for 60.5k within 5 minutes.. : gambling

Context: Ultimate Texas Holdem is a poker game where you are always heads up versus the dealer. The $5 progressive bet is an additional bet you can make that pays you a bonus if you flop a certain hand. In this instance, my buddy flopped a Straight Flush (2nd highest hand) for $60,517.

Was I salty? Yes. Was I excited? Yes. Did he tip the dealer? Yes, I told him at least 5-10%. Did he give me money, no but he paid for dinner, drinks and gas 😫

[EDIT] Further context: They did not pay him in cash. He was given a check for $60,517 and needs to cash it out. He gave most of his chips to the dealer for tip and initially bought $500 to gamble with.

I have a lot of friends who are dealers and tell me that 10% is a fair tip for wins. I would imagine if you are like my friend and bring $500 only to win $60k, a 6k tip (that would be pooled) seems reasonable and fair.