Trump’s Reelection Odds Trending Back Down as Biden Rallies

Donald Trump speaking at podium

A dismal week for US President Donald Trump has also impacted the 2020 election odds. Challenger Joe Biden (-114) regained the favorite’s role from Trump (-110). Photo by: Gage Skidmore (flickr).

  • Democratic challenger Joe Biden has regained the favorite’s role from Donald Trump in the 2020 election odds
  • Biden’s average betting line shortened to -114
  • Incumbent Trump’s odds faded to -110

A difficult week for US President Donald Trump got a little bit worse when the latest betting line on the 2020 US Presidential election was unveiled.

Challenger Joe Biden is the favorite to win the election and his advantage over Trump grew in the last five days. Biden, whose betting line improved for the first time since late July, jumped back into the favorite’s role this week at odds of -114.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds

Candidate Sept. 10th Odds Sept. 5th Odds Trending
Joe Biden -114 -109
Donald Trump -110 -116
Kamala Harris +7167 +7167
Mike Pence +15333 +16833
Hillary Clinton +17167 +16833
Michelle Obama +40000 +35000
Nikki Haley +53333 +53333
Andrew Cuomo +132500 +75000
Kanye West +155000 +155000
Elizabeth Warren +175000 +100000

Odds as of Sept. 10th.

Trump, who’d moved back on top of the Presidential election odds following the recent Republican National Convention, slumped to -110.

Wait  . . . There Are Tapes?

Among the many weaknesses that have been revealed during Trump’s tenure in the White House is that he clearly isn’t a student of history.

Whether it’s his reference to American forces capturing airports during the Revolutionary War, or him emphatically stating how he’s been treated worse as President than Abraham Lincoln, a man who was literally assassinated while on the job, it’s been apparent that the Donald isn’t well read.

That being said, you’d think someone in his Administration would have clued into what happened between President Richard Nixon and journalist Bob Woodward. Even Trump must’ve heard a little bit about Watergate, right?

Apparently not. Trump agreed to on-the-record recorded interviews with Woodward, who teamed with Carl Bernstein to bring down Nixon in the 1970s over the Watergate break-in scandal.

It wasn’t one interview . . . or two. Nope, it was 17 in total.

Among the Trump revelations revealed in Woodward’s new book, Rage, was how Trump knew back in January that the novel coronavirus was going to be a deadly pandemic. Yet, for public consumption, he downplayed the seriousness of the virus, comparing it to the flu. He mocked the wearing of masks for protection from the disease.

Meanwhile, the US death toll from COVID-19 is at 190,000 and counting.

Nixon also taped all his innermost thoughts. That didn’t work out so well for him, either.

Trump Playing Into Biden’s Hands

They might not admit it for public consumption but the best strategy that Biden and the Democrats can employ leading up to the Nov. 3 election date is to just sit back and let Trump defeat himself.

The President’s narcissism, his need to play the big shot and show off to others, continues to be the inner demon that is digging his own grave as he seeks reelection to the Oval Office.

Another revelation coming from the so-called Woodward tapes was Trump bragging about saving Saudi Arabian leader Prince Mohammed bin Salman from facing investigation by Congress to see if he played a role in the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Trump also explained to Woodward the inner workings of a new secret weapons system, a breach of national security.

To be honest, it’s what Trump does best. He’s all about self-promotion, selling his brand. It got him to where he is, but also continues to get him into trouble.

If he insists on maintaining this path – and based on his personal history, there’s no reason to believe that he won’t – then Trump’s odds will only worsen.

He could end up handing the Presidency to Biden on a silver platter.

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