Twin River in RI pays out significantly less than Foxwoods and Mohegan : gambling

I just looked this up for the first time and realized, it’s totally worth driving a bit further to get to two of the world’s largest casinos in CT instead of going to the smaller RI casino just because it’s closer. maybe one % point doesn’t seem like a lot, but it adds up after smashing that button a few hundred times.

The RI casino Twin River is the worst, IMO. It also has a lot of scandal in its history and in general feels like a hostile and unsafe environment. On two occasions in the past five years, friends and I saw thieves trying to distract players (one would try to beckon a player away from her seat while another stood ready to move in and cash out the machine!) Someone told me about this and I didn’t know whether to believe it until I actually saw it myself. There are some quick, ghostly, clever thieves at that twin river casino.

For that matter, the new casino called Encore in Boston also seems to be trying to screw the players over more than what is traditional for casinos.

I’m not affiliated with those CT casinos or anything like that – and they definitely don’t pay out as well as the casinos in NY and Las Vegas. I’m just saying, for people in my region of the world, it’s looking like those other casinos cannot compare to the big ones in CT.

My favorite casino is Ocean Gaming at Hampton Beach in NH — even though it’s small, I really like the chillaxed vibe. And blackjack is a $10 maximum bet! So you can play for a few hours without winning or losing anything, lol. Don’t go there for the machines, though; they kind of suck. The people are awesome, and the blackjack is awesome. There are also two other casinos right down the street, so Hampton beach kind of rules if you don’t mind small casinos.