Why do people still utilize Bodog’s online casino? : gambling

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Full disclosure: I’m tilted, because who in their right mind wouldn’t be?

I’m entirely convinced Bodog is rigged. The sheer frequency of unbelievable bad beats on their live dealer blackjack tables is absolutely absurd, and let’s be honest, not possible if it were for real.

Last time I touched Bodog’s casino was about five years ago, and I swore never again because it was the same experience I had today. I was betting just $5 per hand, the minimum, looking for four wins so I could play around with $20 on tonight’s MLB All-Star game. I won two out of thirty-something hands… Truly inconceivable. For real, never again. I removed my card and am closing my account if the baseball bet I had already placed (prior to today’s scam) doesn’t hit.

I’d like to continue betting on sports, but I’m not sure where to do it now. I stuck around for the convenience factor, but genuinely would rather burn my money than give it to these con artists via the juice.

Absolutely infuriating…