WOW! New NFT Collection dedicated to Stanley Ho, Macao and Hong Kong! : gambling

I just stumbled across something that will change the NFT Market in Asia..more specifically.. Macao and Hong Kong!

Information from OpenSea:

PixelStans are the first NFT dedicated to Stanley Ho and Macao. The father of modern gambling in China, Stanley Ho, passed away at the age of 98. The Godfather of Macao casinos left behind not only a fortune but also a four-decade monopoly.

The PixelStans collection captures the flamboyant billionaire over the years. A fixed set of 98 unique, one of a kind pixel art, has been released to celebrate Stanley Ho’s 98 years of life. Every PixelStan was handmade, with one of them being animated!

Let’s all become stans and obsess over PixelStans!



This will defenitly revolusionize the NFT markets in said places.. Macao’s GDP per capita is ranked number one in the world..and Stanley Ho is probably the one responsible for it all.

Imagine owning one of these PixelStans NFT’s, which happen to be the first ever related to either the billionaire or Macao? CRAZYYYYYY


All in all, great freaking investment.